Will My Home Sell On Craigslist In Cincinnati Ohio?

Will My Home Sell On Craigslist In Cincinnati Ohio?

When we have sowill my home sell on craigslist in Cincinnati mething that we need to sell, rather that be a tool, or a car, or even clothes. We turn to Craigslist. Being that it is one of the largest online selling communities in the united states. What if i wanted to sell my house though? Is craigslist the one call to end all solution. One thing is for sure, we know there are thousands and thousands of people on craigslist every minute. So getting the eyes on my home for sale isn’t going to be a problem.

The Question is, will my home sell on Craigslist in Cincinnati? The answer to that is, Of course it will, but you have to make your home stand out from the other hundred of homes that are trying to get sold on a daily basis. Craigslist has 50 billion page views every month. Just be sure to follow these key tips when posting your home on Craigslist.

Will My Home Sell On Craigslist in Cincinnati? Yes It Will If You Follow These Steps.

The Headline

Get the headline of your Craigslist ad exactly right. You have to write something that attracts the eye. Point out the perks of living in that house. Like how many minutes it is away from the tourist attractions, shopping malls etc. How great the view is from the back porch. You could tell how quite your neighborhood is or how safe. Be truthful though, you don’t want karma coming back and biting you in the butt. Use numbers especially odd numbers as an effective tactics. Just explain some of the reason that made you buy this house in the first place.


In the body of your ad, you have to keep it brief and simple. Don’t bore the reader with lots of words. Imagine if it was you just scanning through Craigslist, looking for a home to buy. The reader probably isn’t wanting to read a book about your home. Put lots of space and lists where it is appropriate. Do not make the mistake of using poor grammar. Be creative in your ads because that is more effective in inspiring people to become interested and contact you for more information. Which is the whole point of the ad right?

Do not forget to include all the important or relevant keywords your target buyers might be using in searching. Craigslist serves as an advertisement base on what the people type in. Try to experiment with different key words if you think what you created is not getting the traffic that it is supposed to.


Oh the pictures, one of key factors in catching the attention of a reader. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, this couldn’t be more true in real estate.

Take photos of the entire house including the rooms, all the appliances, kitchen, bathrooms and other nice looking areas that will attract the eye of your audience. Make sure the lighting is good and is not too dark or too bright. Obviously make sure that the home is cleaned up nice and get pictures of the most selling point areas. Like the kitchen and bathrooms. Most buyers usually always look at the pictures before they look at your headline. So make certain you have the best and most eye catching photos. They need to be clear and in color

Posting Times

Most of the Craigslist experts advise posting an ad between 10am and noon on weekdays. Then again after 5pm. If you wait until the weekend, it is recommended to post in the morning before 11am because that is when Craigslist has the most traffic and you will get the most views. The posting times are not as essential as the rest but can make a difference.

Will my home sell on craigslist in Cincinnati What If My Home Still Doesn’t Sell And I Am Needing To Sell Fast?

This could be a huge problem for some. What if nobody is clicking on your ad, or calling your phone. What if the home just needs a lot of work and you do not have the time or money to fix it up. What if you are just needing to sell it quickly to avoid foreclosure,  or your going through a divorce. What if you inherited this house and it is just a burden more then a blessing. Posting it on craigslist is one way to try and sell it quickly. Now let me show you a better way to sell fast and sell as is, so you do not have to lift a finger in the repairs.

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