Who Buys Houses As Is in Cincinnati Ohio

Who Buys Houses As Is In Cincinnati?



who buys houses as is in cincinnati Have you ever wondered who buys houses as is in Cincinnati Ohio? If so, your not alone. 39% of homeowners in Cincinnati, find themselves in a bind for money or in a situation that causes a frenzy and the need to sell their house fast. We all have been curious  about the we buy houses for cash guys. You have more than likely seen these signs posted up on the side of the road or on poles around your area saying “We Buy Cincinnati Houses” or “We Buy Ugly Houses With Cash”. Maybe you’ve received a flyer in the mail about buying your house. These flyers are printed in bright colors with cluttered graphics and text in 24-point bold typefaces, urging you to call today for a fast sale.

 They will say things like No Commissions, No Closing Costs, All Cash In Hands In 2 Weeks Or Less. A smart person might wonder what’s the catch? Because a smart person would figure it sounds too easy and too good to be true. There always has to be a catch right? Well it isn’t. They are 100% legit and is a great way to sell your house fast Cincinnati Ohio

Target Homeowners Of Company’s Who Buys Houses As Is In Cincinnati Ohio.

The Companies that pay cash for homes look for homeowners who are in distress or need to quickly sell their house. The cash-paying buyers often advertise the types of situations they are searching for so the sellers will know there is help for their situation. They look for:

The Perks That Selling To A Company Who Buys Houses As Is In Cincinnati

Most investing company’s will always tell you all the perks upfront, so you will understand the difference between selling to a cash buyer and listing with a real estate agent. When working with cash buyers. You can say bye bye to real estate agent commissions, paying any kind of closing costs, or even the small fees you pay when selling your home on the MLS. Yes, selling on the MLS with an agent will net you more money at the end, but that isn’t counting the blood, sweat, and tears you put into fixing things and updating the house to the liking of the agent before he will list it.

See because, even though the net profit is still a little higher after taking out all the commission and fees, you had to wait a lot longer, put your own money into the property, and had to go through the hassle of selling traditionally. Is it really worth the small increase?

If you yourself is looking for who buys houses as is in Cincinnati, I am going to stop right there and give you a solution. Check out Fit4you Homebuyers, a very respected local home buying company out of Cincinnati.

How Much Money Do These Guys Pay For Houses?

A lot of investors try to hide the formula they use to determine a ball park offer for a sellers home. So this might not make them very happy. Typically they way home buying company’s do is take 65-70% of  the market value for your home, and then minus the repairs and updates the home will need to get that property in top shape to sell on the MLS. The 30% is the profit for the investor. Pretty reasonable i think for all the hard work they have to put in. You can check out my personal offer formula here.

How Do We Close With Company’s Who Buys Houses As Is In Cincinnati?Who Buys Houses As Is In Cincinnati

Closing with the home buyers in your area is where all the perks come in. A local reputable title company will be chosen to do the closing, and you as the seller pretty much just show up and collect your money. When selling to a company who buys houses as is in Cincinnati like our-self, there are absolutely no closing costs or commissions to us in any way shape or form. Unlike selling traditionally through an agent. You will have fees hitting you left and right. We as investors look to make our money on the flip. Not off of the seller.

Are We Right For You?

If you have ever considered selling to a company who buys houses as is in Cincinnati. For any reason whatsoever, our name was more than likely heard. Fit4you Homebuyers is a small local company that buys a few houses each month from sellers who are in a bad situation and need a huge financial opportunity. We stand for the purpose of serving others, so if you have any questions about selling your house fast in Cincinnati, or if we buy houses Cincinnati. You can check us out on our fit4you main page, Better yet, you can fill out this form below to get started right now. What are you waiting for, you have nothing to lose.

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