How We Helped a seller in a Bad situation

A woman reached out to us from our webform and was really needing to get out of the house she was living in. It was a 4-bedroom 3 bath house, that she lived in alone. Everybody that did live there has grown up and moved out. The home was in pretty bad shape from where she worked 60-70 hours a week and needed around 60k dollars’ worth of work. So, after talking to her on the phone and explaining how we could help her she was ecstatic that we would actually buy that home and take all her worries away and she would walk away with a hand full of cash. BUT while we looked into the homes mortgage, we saw that she still owed a GREAT amount for the home, actually more than the home was worth.

So once again we got to work and was determined to find a solution. As always, we were able to come through. We ended up linking her with a company that does a great deal of renovations and cut her a good deal because of our connection. Which led to her pretty much flipping her own house to the condition that made the home worth MORE then she owed, which then we also referred her to a GREAT realtor that we work close with and they were able to sell the home above market price and she walked away with no debt in the house, a sum of money in her pocket, and a small loan that she comfortably paid back.

The moral of the story is she looked as if she couldn’t come out on top, but we at Fit4you Homebuyers are not all about finding houses. We are about finding solutions to the problems that other investors walk away from..

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