Hidden Costs of Selling Your Home In Cincinnati

Hidden Costs Of Selling Your Home In Cincinnati

Image result for hidden costsYou have stayed in the same place for many years now and you are ready to sell your home. With an ever increasing price tag on the home market, you may have nothing to lose, only a larger bank account balance. Selling means you will enjoy the value of appreciation depending on the number of years in question. Appreciation and the promising price tag give the impression that you are bound to make some profit. Nobody will ever tell you that for you to sell, you must spend. This applies everywhere; Especially in the Cincinnati market. You must spruce up whatever your selling before selling it, and that cost money, right?

As a newcomer in the home selling business, there are some standard costs that you may have come across already. The commissions charged for listing with your agent and the cost of the buyer’s agent. You should know that a commission is charged at 6-7% of your selling price.


Let’s go over and highlight some of the hidden costs, what you should/must pay, and find ways to reduce or avoid unnecessary costs altogether.


Repairs will be costly in Cincinnati, especially if you were always in the habit of postponing scheduled repairs or you never did any at all. You need the services of a professional who will help ready your home for the highest bidder. Regardless of the nature of work, be ready to spend good money if you want real value out of your home. If you choose to take the do it yourself route, be ready to still spend a good amount of cash on supplies and a lot of blood, sweat and tears trying to fix up your home to the 9s. Many brokers will advise you to avoid cheap contractors who will do a lazy job only for you to hire another contractor and spend more money.

Draw a list of the things that need repair or replacement. Look out for ceiling, roofing, paint, leakages among others. Please remember that when you are selling, there is nothing like a minor problem. Anything that a potintial buyer sees in your home as “not perfect”, can be a deal breaker. A small issue to you will be a big issue to the buyer will reduce the number of dollars headed to your account. Some major repairs may cost a lot of money to carry out; the best way to minimize costs according to estate values in Cincinnati is to offer the buyer some credit when closing the deal.

It does not matter how much you took care of your home, look out for the little things that need a little touch. You can save on some of these costs by trying out simple repairs and replacing parts with genuine parts to avoid disappointments.


With the increasing interest in online home buying, brokers and agents have made an effort of making their sites look professional at all times. Most buyers will not read the home details if it has bad pictures. Spend some money on a professional photographer and avoid enlisting the agent to take the photos. The money devoted to hiring a photographer will go a long way in connecting you to a potential buyer faster than you think. Just before you take a photo, get a new coat of paint. Use colors that show neutrality to give room for the new owner flexibility to change to his preference. Hiring somebody to take photos for you can be a great benefit in the Cincinnati area.


The majority of buyers you come across will look at what is called the curb affect of the home before deciding to look at the interior of the home. Experts agree that an enhanced surrounding will increase the value of your home. If you have been maintaining your landscape on a regular basis, the cost of landscaping will reduce. Save on costs by doing some of the simple tasks like weeding, mowing the lawn, trimming, and pruning should not be a problem. The cost of professional landscaping company are luckily not too high around Cincinnati Ohio


A buyer has to create a vision of your home and imagine living in it. Get a good interior designer to arrange the furniture and fittings. The home has to appeal even to the passive buyer. Selling a vacant home has to look presentable in its wall decorations, lighting and window glass decorations. A good number of buyers agree that presentation increases the home value. Adding some fresh flowers and new fixtures add value and will hold the attention of the buyer.

If you are on a limited budget, talk to your agent to help prioritize on what to use for presentation because they know what the buyer needs. This can be done through planning for an evaluation before the buyer sets in. If the buyer feels as if they can see themselves living in that home, then the chances of them buying it increases dramatically.


Imagine selling your home after moving to a new home, you get a buyer only to reach the property, and you have pending bills on electricity and water. Keep the utilities running and make sure their bills are up to date. Turning off some of these utilities may attract mold which will require removal at a cost which you may not have been ready to incur.

Capital Gains and Taxes

A home that appreciates has some accumulated capital gains tax on it. Capital gains tax is the difference between the buying and the selling price of your home minus the entire cost of improvements. If you have a potential of selling a home at great price, uncle Sam will be somewhere waiting for his due. For couples who pay joint taxes, there is an exemption of about $500,000 and for the single and zeros, it’s only $250,000. You need to consult a trusted financial advisory on the tax issue.

Closing Costs

This cost is said to be the second biggest you will incur after paying the commission. Be ready to spend about 2% of the selling price in closing costs added on. Cincinnati being on the higher side of costs. The buyer is at liberty to choose a closing company. Closing cost may be fixed and will include that transfer fees, processing fees (in case of a mortgaged property), and escrow and notary fees. At this point, if you have any outstanding charges relating to the home, you will have to pay. This includes any mortgage balance.

The closing bit may confuse many sellers and even buyers. The best thing to do is to hire an attorney who will help in handling the fine details of the transaction. Look for a lawyer well in advance to get the best rate. Avoid the unnecessary reissue fee by making sure you have a copy of the search policy when closing the deal.

The Other Option You HaveImage result for cash for ugly house

If you are not one of those that wants to deal with all the hassles that come with pacing your home on the open market, paying all the outrageous commissions and fees, and then having to wait on your home to sell and have dozens of randoms walking through your home and interrupting your personal space. If you are one that just needs to sell quickly, and you don’t have the time or money to fix up your property. Then you do have a great avenue to take. Sell your home to a home buyer in Cincinnati like Fit4you Homebuyers. They will buy your home free of fees or commissions. They do not make you fix or update any of your home, and pay all cash for your house in often just a weeks time. This is called the fast cash way. If selling your home to a cash buyer sounds like a much better option, you can check out the site below. In any regards, i hope you the best in selling your home.

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